Chicken Caesar Salad With Asparagus Ingredients:asparagus, caesar salad dressing, cherry tomato, chicken, parmesan cheese, romaine lettuce, croutons
Orzo and Shrimp Salad with Asparagus Ingredients:asparagus, shrimp, olive oil, olive oil, garlic, green onion, honey mustard, lemon juice, pasta, salt, water, balsamic vinegar
Summer Corn Salad with Asparagus Ingredients:asparagus, balsamic vinegar, basil, corn, garlic, olive oil, salt
Grilled Mojo Chicken Salad With Asparagus and Oranges Ingredients:asparagus, oregano, olive oil, garlic, ginger, lime juice, orange juice concentrate, orange, chicken, salad greens, salt
White Bean Salad with Asparagus and Artichokes Ingredients:artichokes, asparagus, radish, green onion, basil, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, black pepper, great northern beans

D'Smith's Smoked Chicken

I'm back at the smoker making an apple wood smoked and pan roasted whole chicken along with a smoked white asparagus and arugula salad and sweet potato puree...

Black Lentil Salad with Asparagus, Kale and Egg | TasteFood

Black lentils are the star of this salad. These tiny pellets are nicknamed Beluga lentils since they resemble caviar. They remain firm when cooked, which makes them a great addition to salads, and their shiny blackness provides vivid contrast to colorful vegetables. Like their brown or green brethren, black lentils are a superb source of iron, fiber, protein, folate and magnesium. 1...

Source: TasteFood

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Pappardelle Pescatore – Sauteed shrimp, bay scallops and clams tossed with pappardelle pasta, fresh asparagus and tomatoes ... Salad & Breadsticks and add a new salad topping, a pasta side or a Small Plate. New Smashed Chicken Meatball Sandwich ...
Las Vegas restaurants’ special Easter menus
roast leg of lamb with soup or salad and rice or potato, $17.89; Chicken Oscar with wild-caught crab claw meat, asparagus and rice or potato, $18.89; or bleu-cheese-crusted New York strip steak with bacon-wrapped shrimp, asparagus, soup or salad and rice ...
Spring for salads, but make healthy choices
Add the salad blend, chicken, carrots, scallions ... pick up a roasted rotisserie chicken at your local grocery for this recipe. 1.Trim asparagus and cut in half crosswise, then either halve or quarter the spears lengthwise, depending on ...
Shaved Asparagus Salad with Aged Gouda and Hazelnuts recipe
Shaved Asparagus Salad with Aged Gouda and Hazelnuts recipe
Salad of asparagus, soft-boiled egg and chorizo sausage @MJsKitchen
Salad of asparagus, soft-boiled egg and chorizo sausage @MJsKitchen
Pea, Asparagus, and Fava Bean Salad
Pea, Asparagus, and Fava Bean Salad