Ensalada Roja con Pollo (Red Salad with Chicken) Ingredients:potato, carrot, beets, chicken, dill pickle, dill pickle, eggs, mayonnaise, olive oil, onions, salt
Chickpea Salad With Chicken Breast Ingredients:chicken, chickpeas, cucumber, curry powder, cilantro, ginger, mint, garlic, cumin, red pepper flakes, jalapeno, lemon juice, salt, salt, green onion, tomato
Confetti Pasta Salad with Chicken Ingredients:water, white wine, chicken, garlic, yogurt, mayonnaise, lemon juice, cider vinegar, dijon mustard, salt, oregano, garlic powder, black pepper, ditalini, celery, red pepper, green pepper, carrot, parsley
Caesar Salad with Chicken and Avocado Ingredients:garlic, lemon juice, dijon mustard, anchovy paste, parmesan cheese, vegetable oil, black pepper, romaine hearts, chicken, chickpeas, avocado, walnut
Couscous Salad with Chicken and Chopped Vegetables Ingredients:salad greens, water, olive oil, salt, couscous, yellow bell pepper, zucchini, mushroom, chicken, carrot, green onion, currant, mint, black pepper, salad dressing, yogurt, lemon juice, honey, white wine vinegar

Piyaz (White Beans Salad) Recipe | How to Make Piyaz | Haricot Bean Salad

STEP BY STEP RECIPE: Piyaz (White Beans Salad) Recipe *1 cup of white beans (haricot beans) *Half a bunch of green onions *9-10 branches of parsley *1 tomato...

Cooking On The Couch: Spring Farro Salad « CBS New York

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – One of the best things about spring is all the fresh produce you can get your hands on to make some delicious meals.

Ali Rosen, host of “Potluck Video,” stopped by The Couch to show off a spring farro salad recipe.

Spring Farro Salad
Serves 4

1 cup semi-pearled farro

Source: CBS New York

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SPRING CHURCH — A chicken and biscuit ... The menu includes spaghetti, penne, meatballs in sauce, sausage sauce, Alfredo sauce, lasagna, California blend vegetables, salad, bread and desserts. For more information, call (724) 463-0420.
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Wednesday: Popcorn chicken, mashed potatoes, broccoli, fruit, milk. Thursday: Salad bar, spring mix, fresh vegetables ... Batesville Intermediate School Monday: Meatball sub, Frito corn chips, cauliflower and broccoli cup, fruit, milk.
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Italian pasta is served with kufta meatballs. All entrees come with salad, hummus, basmati rice, tabbouleh, baba ghanoush, labneh and bread. Reservations accepted for large parties. Lunch and dinner daily. Credit cards. $$ The char-broiled chicken salad ...
Parmesan Chicken Meatballs with a Colorful Carrot and Grape Salad
Parmesan Chicken Meatballs with a Colorful Carrot and Grape Salad
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