Egg Salad and Smoked Salmon Sandwiches Ingredients:dijon mustard, black pepper, eggs, lettuce, mayonnaise, sour cream, salt, salmon
Smoked Salmon with Egg Salad and Green Beans Ingredients:arugula, bagel, celery, chives, dijon mustard, olive oil, haricots verts, lemon juice, lemon zest, mayonnaise, red wine vinegar, shallot, salmon
Egg Salad And Pastrami Sandwich Recipe Ingredients:tomato, olives, salad greens, lettuce, horseradish, mayonnaise, mustard, pastrami, beef, cracked wheat, onions
Grilled Vegetable Sandwich with Egg Salad and Bacon Ingredients:bread, asparagus, green onion, salad greens, bacon
Chunky Egg Salad (And Variations) Ingredients:eggs, celery, onions, salad greens, worcestershire sauce, vinegar, salt, black pepper

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    Tom Kitchin: pâté recipe ideas

    Sometimes at home, we like to whip up a few different pâtés which we serve all together, placed on boards in the middle of the table with lots of breads, garnishes and salads to enjoy and share as a family. Chicken liver pâté is a classic and a lot

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    parents' old holiday snaps then. The menu will include lobster rolls, beer-battered Manx Queenies with paprika mayo; channel salt 'n' pepper squid and Newspaper baked Cornish mackerel with choucroute and bramley apple and of course sticks of

Smoked Mackerel Salad Recipe

Now to the Consuming Passions recipe which uses smoked fish, some beans and a rather special salad with a horseradish dressing. Serves 4 Salad: 250g smoked f...

Fish burger with smoked mackerel | 4Pure

Fish is healthy we all know that. I often bake my fish in the pan, or I poach it in a package or I grill it in the oven. But a different approach is a crispy fish burger. A burger filled with smoked mackerel. The saltiness of mackerel mixed with creamy mashed potatoes, the bite of the parsley and a crispy crust. This is delicious!

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Devon Seafood Grill in Downtown Chicago Announces New Sunday Brunch Buffet
Greek Pasta Salad and Mixed Baby Greens. Don’t forget to stop by the Chilled Seafood Display and experience Devon Seafood classics like: Smoked Trout, Peppered Mackerel, Smoked Salmon, Oysters on the Half Shell, Shrimp Cocktail, Chef’s ...
Express kedgeree
rinsed and drained 500ml water 100g frozen petits pois 200g smoked mackerel fillets, flaked 2 hard-boiled eggs, halved Snipped chives and lemon wedges, to serve 1 Heat a large pan, spray with cooking oil and gently fry onion for 3 minutes until softened.
Ten superfoods that will boost your mood
Use it: Blend in smoothies with live yogurt and a few sprigs of mint or make into a salad with feta cheese and toasted ... and fall asleep more easily. Use it: Try eggs scrambled with chives and topped with smoked haddock or make an omelette with spinach ...
Beetroot, smoked mackerel and horseradish salad
Beetroot, smoked mackerel and horseradish salad
Smoked Mackerel Superfood Salad
Smoked Mackerel Superfood Salad
By Dinner Diary ( Visit website )
By Dinner Diary ( Visit website )