Danish "Sillsallet" (Herring Salad) Ingredients:beet, dill pickle, onions, potato, apple
Pickled Beet and Herring Salad Ingredients:olive oil, salt, sugar, white wine vinegar
Herring Salad Ingredients:potato, apple, onions, sour cream, cream, gherkin, olive oil, lemon, parsley, salt
Herring Salad Recipe Ingredients:eggs, beet, onions, pickle, celery, potato, apple, parsley
Herring Salad Recipe Ingredients:beets, wine, eggs, dill pickle, apple, salad dressing

Polish Meals - Easter Herring Salad (Salatka Sledziowa) Recipe

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Farm Fresh Feasts: Quick Pickled Beet and Herring Salad

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A skyway classic: Macy's Skyroom salad bar
(Pickled herring lovers, you've found your new lunch spot.) Where the Skyroom truly excels is in the large selection of homemade salad dressings. Nothing can ruin a salad bar experience quite like getting to the end of the line and finding a half-empty ...
The House That Herring Built
And the mouthwatering photos – of cheese blintzes, potato latkes, beet, apple and herring salad, eight types of smoked fish and, of course, plenty of preparations that involve herring – aren’t too bad, either. Federman, 68, the son of one ...
Belgian recipes: Belgian endive salad with herring (video included)
Ingredients (four people): 4 Belgian endives, 8 herring filets, 1 apple, 1 medium-sized onion, parsley, chervil, 1 egg yolk, oil, vinegar, lemon juice, pepper, salt, 1/2 tsp mustard, 1 tbsp creme fraiche. Preparation: Rinse the endives and remove the ...
Herring Salad
Herring Salad
Herring Salad
Herring Salad