Fruit Salad from Heaven Ingredients:grapes, blueberries, peach, cherry juice, banana, gala apples, kiwi, mango, maraschino cherries, orange, pineapple, splenda, strawberries, white grapes
Refreshing Fruit Salad Ingredients:banana, flaked coconut, grapes, honey, mayonnaise, sour cream, walnut
Tropical Fruit Salad with Fruit Vinaigrette Ingredients:allspice, banana, honey, kiwi, mango, rice vinegar, papaya, pineapple, red onions, white pepper, strawberries
Chinese Spiced Fruit Salad Ingredients:apple, banana, chinese five spice powder, lemon juice, mango, sugar substitute, strawberries, vanilla extract
Creamy Orange Sauced Fruit Salad Ingredients:fresh fruit, honey, lemon zest, orange juice concentrate, sour cream

Fruit Salad Filling and Sealing Line

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Rainbow Fruit Salad & Simple St. Patrick's Day Lunches - iPackLunch

Here in New England we are finally starting to see glimmers of spring arriving, faint glimmers but they are there! I’ll take what I can get! Heck enough snow has melted now that we can actually reach the grill on our deck! Now that is progress! Let’s not get too excited however, it is still only 28 degrees out today.

With St. Patrick’s Day upon us though I thought, why not...

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School menus — March 30
Lunch – Teriyaki chicken, brown rice, oriental veggies, chilled fruit, applesauce ... Cheeseburger, chef salad HS only. Thursday: Breakfast -Cheese filled bread stick, orange juice, milk. Lunch – Personal pan pizza, waffle fries, green ...
School lunch
DOVER Elementary School Breakfast Monday — Bagel and cream cheese, fruit or juice, milk; Tuesday — Fresh baked muffin, hard boiled egg, fruit or juice, milk; Wednesday — Apple filled churro ... slices, salad bar, orange smiles.
Healthy salad dressing that keeps the veggies healthy
A mixed vegetable salad is a healthy, and nutrient filled, choice that makes a great meal or ... seasoned salt and lemon pepper are tasty options to try. Fruit juice, such as orange or lemon, also pairs well with an oil and vinegar dressing.
Half Oranges filled with fruit salad
Half Oranges filled with fruit salad