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Arugula Salad With, Oranges, Pomegranate Seeds, and Goat Cheese Ingredients:arugula, black pepper, sea salt, olive oil, lemon juice, orange, pomegranate seeds, red onions, orange juice
Mixed Green Salad With Oranges, Dried Cranberries and Pecans Ingredients:cranberries, salad greens, olive oil, orange juice, orange juice, orange zest, orange, pecan, white wine vinegar
Spanish Salad of Oranges, Fennel, Red Onion, and Mint with Dressing Ingredients:red onions, orange, fennel bulb, mint, yogurt, orange juice, red wine vinegar, coriander seed, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper
Warm Salad of Grilled Figs, Grapes, and Bitter Greens Ingredients:olive oil, sherry vinegar, salt, black pepper, radicchio, fennel bulb, endive, grapes, figs, nonstick cooking spray
Broccoli With Mushrooms and Walnuts Ingredients:broccoli, cornstarch, oregano, garlic powder, vegetable broth, cheddar cheese, onions, black pepper, sherry, mushroom, soy sauce, vegetable oil, walnut, water

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  • A man selects persimmons at a farmer's market. Picture: Hazeldean Forest Farm ...

    It says persimmons and pomegranates (with disparate origins) harmonise visually and in flavour, when mixed in a salad with red cabbage, romaine lettuce, Asian pear (nashi), hazelnuts and gorgonzola. The site also lists persimmon, pear and walnut tart

  • Border Eats: April 2, 2014

    Pork belly enchiladas are smothered in a creamy chipotle brandy sauce. The Star City BLT has pork belly, candied bacon, lettuce, tomatoes and cilantro aioli. Besides salads, lighter options include roasted hen, salmon, shrimp with zucchini ribbons and

How to Make Orzo Salad

Chef Robert Lambert shows you how to make orzo salad with lemon, feta, and pine nuts. Robert Lambert on the Web: http://RobertLambert.com eHow on the Web: ht...

roasted beet, orange and feta salad with walnuts | pretty plain janes

There were two things I couldn’t wait to make at my granny’s house when I was a little girl. The first being no bake cookies. They were always perfect, no one’s come close to my granny’s (believe me, I have tried many others to compare). The second was salad. Yes, salad. I can still hear the sound that green lettuce holder made when opened. Granny would let me dig through all her possible...

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Spinach Salad with Strawberries, Grapes, Avocado, Green Onions, And Nuts with Marvelous Stinky Cheese Dressing
If using salad dressing, prepare and allow flavors to blend for at least 1 hour. Prepare spinach or other salad greens, grapes, mushrooms, green onions, and parsley for salad; place in a deep salad bowl or individual salad bowls. Lightly sprinkle salad(s ...
Update: The lowdown on Lure + Till in Palo Alto
Drinks range from the "Peninsula Punch" (kappa pisco, lemon and pineapple) to the "Schmandy" (brandy ... soups and salads. There's oysters, fresh hamachi, Alaskan halibut and diver scallops, all served with inventive ingredients (cara cara oranges and ...
Dried fruit tasty, versatile, healthful
Or toss a handful of raisins into a kale and wild rice salad to offset the dark greens’ slight bitterness. (Steep them in warm water or brandy to soften ... Drain the dried fruit and add it to the rice mixture along with the walnuts.
brandy dipped citrus salad with fresh fennel and avocado.
brandy dipped citrus salad with fresh fennel and avocado.
Andiamo, a year later
Andiamo, a year later
Emeril's Italian Fig Cookies Dessert
Emeril's Italian Fig Cookies Dessert