Wild Rice With Spinach And Hazelnuts Recipe Ingredients:yellow onions, butter, leek, garlic, hazelnuts, salt
Wild Rice With Shiitakes And Toasted Almonds Recipe Ingredients:almonds, butter, black pepper, chicken broth, green onion, mushroom, rice
Wild Rice With Peppers And Feta Recipe Ingredients:garlic, rice, corn, feta cheese, yellow bell pepper, onions, rice
Cheater Wild Rice With Cranberries Recipe Ingredients:cranberries, pecan, rice, cloves
Wild Rice Dried Cranberries And Walnut Stuffing Recipe Ingredients:walnut, cranberries, rice, chicken broth, celery, leek, salt, olive oil, sage

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Wild Rice Salad | Robin's Recipes n Food Blog

Another great summer salad I found as I was exercising and watching The Food Network. You can feel good about eating this even if you didn’t exercise today, because it’s packed with fresh fruits, nuts, healthy olive oil and cranberries!

From the Barefoot Contessa, this salad is FULL of flavor, is light, healthy and just plain wow. Enjoy!



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Dried fruit tasty, versatile, healthful
I was feeling pretty proud: dark and golden raisins, currants, apricots, cranberries, sour cherries ... Or toss a handful of raisins into a kale and wild rice salad to offset the dark greens’ slight bitterness. (Steep them in warm water or brandy ...
Guide to Restaurant Week York
All entrees include white rice ... or Caesar salad. For entree, choice of Petite Hereford & Lobster (grilled 4-ounce, hand-cut, certified Hereford beef and 5- to 6-ounce broiled cold water lobster tail served with long grain wild rice), Chilean Sea Bass ...
Edible garden: State-grown pears, hazelnuts and grapes on salmon
This inspired Cameron Gillihan, a former chef, to come up with planked salmon topped with Oregon pears, hazelnuts and Oregon grape jelly, served with wild rice and fresh greens. Dessert: Kimberly peach pie with Astoria cranberries. He walks us through his ...
Cooking Southern: Fall Slaws, Salads
Cooking Southern: Fall Slaws, Salads
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WildRice Salad from:
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