Tea-Smoked Duck Breast with Pears and Blueberry Jus Ingredients:asparagus, baby carrot, black pepper, black pepper, blueberries, carrot, chicken broth, cilantro, cinnamon, cinnamon, cinnamon, tea leaves, corn, olive oil, sea salt, sea salt, bosc pears, marsala wine, ginger, cardamom, leek, lemon juice, red onions, green onion, anise seed, sugar, sweet potato, butter
Chicken With Cranberries and Orange Ingredients:brandy, cornflour, cranberries, mint, garlic, cinnamon, marmalade, orange juice, orange zest, chicken, soy sauce, tomato paste
Duck Breast with Cherries And Mint Ingredients:duck breasts, red wine, duck, jelly, cherries, mint, salt, mint
Sauteed Red Snapper Fillets with Fennel and Orange Ingredients:fennel bulb, fennel seed, lemon juice, orange, olive oil
Spiced Cranberry Sauce With Chardonnay And Orange Zest Recipe Ingredients:chardonnay, ginger, nutmeg, orange zest, sugar

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  • To Phoenix, for Some Fantastic Food (and Lots of Photos)

    Here's broccoli rabe with chile, grapefruit, soppressata, and Parmesan served with grilled crostini. More veggies: sunchokes with tangelo, scallions, and Fresno chile. Also at Tuck Shop: Spiced Madeira-glazed duck breast with red spinach, white

[ tofu vegetable ] A dinner that was ! - Hilarious - Sheikh Said Rageah | Asian Tofu: Discover the Best, Make Your Own, and Cook It at Home | tofu vegetable | ... An excerpt from "Ettiquettes of Joking" by ...

Dinner Menu March 30, 2014 | Bondir Concord

March 30, 2014

Sprouted Warthog Wheat
Sourdough with Magnum Hops and Cranberries

Turnip and Apple Soup
Salmon Caviar, Rye Crisp

Grey Permain Apple Normande Salad
Chicories, Jasper Hill Cheddar, Quince Leather,
Tarragon, Liquorice and Almond Vinaigrette

Handmade Burrata
Smoked Tamworth Guanciale, Oro Blanco...

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Crispy Duck with Cranberries
Duck with cranberries ... Place the duck, breast side up, on a rack in a roasting tin. Duck is cooked when the juices run clear when the thigh is pierced. 1) Pre-heat the oven to 200ºC/400ºF/Gas mark 6. 2) Pare the zest from the orange.
The Granary satisfies Mt. P's need for modern fare
Perfectly seared slices of rare duck breast outshine an unremarkable bed of lentils laced with confit. But the first taste of the brilliantly orange-colored shallot-kumquat marmalade, which is layered in a long row down one side of the plate, elicits an ...
Medjool dates give savoury duck parfait and lamb tagine a hint of sweetness
Flip duck breast and sear for an additional 4 to 5 minutes. Place on a wire rack in a baking pan. Let frying pan cool slightly, then carefully drain some of the duck fat from pan and discard. Add butter, dates and orange juice to pan and heat gently.
Food List For Paleo Diet.
Food List For Paleo Diet.
Food List For Paleo Diet.
Food List For Paleo Diet.
new dishes for the fall after the long summer.
new dishes for the fall after the long summer.