Spinach Salad With Orange Vinaigrette Ingredients:balsamic vinegar, olive oil, black pepper, garlic, honey, orange, orange, prosciutto, salt, spinach
Orange Tomato Cucumber Salad With Orange and Maple Dressing Ingredients:black pepper, cucumber, maple syrup, orange, roma tomato
Fruit and Lettuce Salad With Orange-Yogurt Dressing Ingredients:bacon, orange, pumpkin seeds, grapes, salad greens
Broccoflower® Salad with Orange & Sesame Ingredients:carrot, green onion, orange juice, salt, vegetable oil
Carrot Salad with Orange, Green Olives, and Green Onions Ingredients:carrot, coriander, green olive, honey, olive oil, green onion, parsley, lemon juice, orange zest, orange

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  • Review of Canyon bistro in North Vancouver

    Roasted pork belly with sun choke purée, kohlrabi slaw and fingerling potatoes might have suffered from a piled-up presentation but my husband (whose wife does not 'do' pork belly at home) was just glad to get his fix. canyon roasted pork belly. The

Endive/Kohlrabi Salad by Mamma Elf & Chef Clarence

Chef Clarence & Mamma Elf make a Belgium Endive/Kohlrabi/Apple salad for the Valentine's Love Menue ~ for under 1000 calories. Recipe for the salad & Blood O...

Summer Dinner Ideas: Kohlrabi, Fennel & Fig Salad | Wild Food Cafe

Continuing with our simple, seasonal salad theme we are posting a recipe of this amazing, calming & nourishing Kohlrabi, Fennel & Fig Salad.

Here’s why it is amazing:

Make the best of Kohlrabi while it is in season here in England. This yummilicious veggie comes from Brassica family (cruciferous veggies) and is rich in sulphur – THE mineral that is known to replenish...

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Cooking with the right texture
For example, spinach in a salad is meant to be crunchy ... From the toasted sesame seeds that offer the right amount of crunch to the soft and juicy avocado-orange salsa, one bite of this dish is like a party in your mouth.
The Farmers' Market Cookbook: Rutabaga, Turnips, and Kohlrabi
Wild cabbage and turnip are the ancestors of kohlrabi, a swollen stem that grows above ground. It is an orange-sized globe with pale green ... crisp-tender and dressed with olive oil, or in a warm salad with something sweet, like a pear.
Kale sales continue to ride the hot trend wave
As for cauliflower, he said World Variety Produce hasn’t seen unusually large demand increases for either its white or colorful blend of purple, orange and green ... article in Time magazine stated that kohlrabi is the next kale.
Romaine Salad with Mandarins, Kohlrabi, and Orange Vinaigrette ...
Romaine Salad with Mandarins, Kohlrabi, and Orange Vinaigrette ...
Kohlrabi salad with sliced oranges, dried cherries and sunflower ...
Kohlrabi salad with sliced oranges, dried cherries and sunflower ...