Creamy Pasta Salad With Tuna and Vegetables (Low Fat) Ingredients:cucumber, green onion, pasta, red pepper flakes, tuna
Spinach Cantaloupe Salad with Mint Ingredients:avocado, cantaloupe, garlic, apple jelly, red pepper, spinach, vegetable oil, white wine vinegar
French Salad Dressing Ingredients:ketchup, lemon juice, onions, paprika, salt, sugar, vegetable oil, vinegar
Fantastique Jam Jar French Dressing - With a Twist! Ingredients:balsamic vinegar, black pepper, dijon mustard, garlic, shallot, lemon juice, olive oil, salt, sugar
French Bread With Roasted Garlic and a Hint of Lavender!!! Ingredients:yeast, lavender, garlic, rosemary, salt, sugar, flour, water

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    Aquitaine has flavor of France, and is no mere wine bar

    It's a small portion, with more meat than beans, but it was as satisfying as I remembered. This restaurant is the vision of Laurent Manrique, who owns Cafe de la Presse and Rouge et Blanc in San Manrique and Colson produce gently updated classics

  • Review: Whole Foods is the whole enchilada and more

    On my visit, the kitchen featured a bangers and mash, made from the meat department's sausages. I also enjoyed a French mac 'n' cheese, which contained big ham chunks, and a creamy BLT pasta salad. My wife opted for the Indian fare, accompanying her 

How to Make Simple Taco Salad

Get the recipe @ Watch how to make a simple taco salad. Seasoned ground beef, chili beans, and French d...

French Salads: Impress Your Dinner Guests With These 4 Recipes

For the inexperienced chef, salad might seem like a bland and limiting dish with not much potential. Those just concerned with the health benefits might dislike the idea of eating a bowl of lettuce and not much else. Luckily for you (no matter which camp you fall into), there are a ton of really interesting and healthy French salads you can make easily, and even on a budget. You’ll find the...
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Make your own maki at Seven Corners' Japan promo
Photo by Joko Magalong for MANILA -- Crowne Plaza Manila’s Seven Corners restaurant celebrates Japanese cuisine with guest Master Chef Seiji Kamura, who has co-authored three cookbooks on Japanese and French cuisine in Japan, as well as ...
20 dog-friendly restaurants in metro Phoenix
Always a popular destination for humans and their canine companions, the Duck comes through with some of our favorite sandwiches: rare roast beef with sprouts, tomato and mayo on crusty French bread ... homemade potato salad ($7.50).
Letter from France | A Vegetarian and Gluten-Free Guide to Paris
And although there is no European consensus on exactly what the word “vegetarian” means, less than 2 percent of the French identify themselves ... That said, it’s much easier to dine meat-and-fish-free in Paris than it was a decade ago ...
Stock Image: French beans salad with meat
Stock Image: French beans salad with meat
Royalty Free Stock Photo: French beans salad with meat
Royalty Free Stock Photo: French beans salad with meat
Greek Salad with Meat
Greek Salad with Meat