Spinach and Radicchio Salad with Mushrooms and Cashews Ingredients:balsamic vinegar, mushroom, dijon mustard, olive oil, green onion, lemon juice, spinach, radicchio, cashew
Chicken Salad With Sauteed Mushrooms Ingredients:celery, chicken, mushroom, green onion, lettuce, olive oil, black pepper, salad dressing, salt, tomato, watercress
Baked Brie with Mushrooms and Almonds Ingredients:brandy, butter, tarragon, garlic, almonds
Boiled Buckwheat With Mushrooms Recipe Ingredients:white mushroom, vegetable oil, onions, salt, water
French Onion Steak With Mushrooms Ingredients:sirloin steak, butter, french onion soup, sherry, egg noodles, mushroom, salt, water

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  • Review of Canyon bistro in North Vancouver

    Duck breast with fingerling potatoes, green beans and wild mushroom salad was a standout with beautifully moist meat, crisped golden skin and a light sauce. Pan-seared Arctic char and mussels came with a coconut curry sauce — all very good. canyon

  • Hay Minister? Give Local Eating a Try

    Jensen-Shill sent a "non-exhaustive" list of 72 locally-grown products that included artichokes, asparagus, beans, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, cucumbers, grapes, kohlrabi, lentils, melons, mushrooms, onions, peaches, pears, peppers, pumpkins, soya

chaga mushroom/miso broth and salad with tangerine/tahini dressing

girl interrupted. mom interrupted really. :) just another dinner. get your greens on! ;)

Kohlrabi Mushroom Corn Slaw with Creamy Hemp Dressing

I have been asked by many people to share the sort of things I eat on a daily basis, this being a dessert blog and all...since I do not live off of desserts on the contrary to popular belief sometimes. I actually eat mostly veggies, fruits and greens! On a typical day, for breakfast I have sprouted buckwheat porridge with coconut water soaked chia seeds and fruit along with some raw protein...

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Cooking with the right texture
For example, spinach in a salad is meant to be crunchy ... for a smoothie, use silken. Button mushrooms — Meaty, chewy texture with a soft exterior. Scrambled eggs — Soft and creamy with a velvety texture. Sashimi — Buttery yet firm texture.
Vegetables star at Vancouver restaurants that aren’t exclusively vegetarian
finely dicing them and serving them raw as a salad, using them to make veggie chips, and turning them into a sunchoke purée soup. For brunch, he roasts pieces until they’re caramelized and serves them with two poached eggs, crispy polenta, mushroom ...
20 military chefs compete for culinary titles, Armed Forces Chef of Year
Other items included sorrel, asparagus, spaghetti squash, eggplant, fingerling potatoes, risotto, blood oranges, oyster mushrooms, kohlrabi, Swiss chard and ... used with other lettuces for an unique salad. "You have to have a few curveballs ...
Mix, Kohlrabi, Heirloom and Cherry Mini Tomatoes, Enoki Mushrooms ...
Mix, Kohlrabi, Heirloom and Cherry Mini Tomatoes, Enoki Mushrooms ...
... recipes the best bean and ham soup beef brisket with mushrooms and
... recipes the best bean and ham soup beef brisket with mushrooms and
kohlrabi salad
kohlrabi salad