Frisée, Radicchio and Mixed Green Salad with Shrimp and Mushrooms Ingredients:wild mushroom, salad greens, endive, olive oil, radicchio, vinegar, shallot
Chicken Pasta Salad with Cashews and Dried Cranberries Ingredients:bow tie pasta, cashew, celery, chicken, salad dressing, cranberries, grapes, green onion, mayonnaise, grapes
Waldorf Salad with Cranberries and Pecans in Radicchio Cups Ingredients:celery, cranberries, granny smith apple, lemon juice, lemon zest, mayonnaise, radicchio, pecan, radish, red onions, watercress
Romantic Chicken with Artichokes and Mushrooms Ingredients:butter, capers, chicken, olive oil, salt, white wine
Chicken With Leeks and Mushrooms Ingredients:chicken, chicken broth, garlic salt, leek, olive oil, black pepper, salt, mushroom, tomato paste

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  • SFGate

    Aquitaine has flavor of France, and is no mere wine bar

    Manrique and Colson produce gently updated classics: spring garlic soup ($11) with leek chiffonade and lemon garlic cream; a frilly butter lettuce salad ($8) - why do the French always do this better than Americans?- with mustard vinaigrette and

  • Scotsman

    Restaurant review: Glenisle Hotel Bistro

    We also loved the veggie option of fried wild mushrooms (£5.75), as these hearty fungi came on a dense doorstop of Marmite-coloured rye toast, with a drizzle of subtly feral blue cheesy cream. As the flavours of the two main ingredients weren't quite

Roasted Wild Mushroom & Potato Salad - Fall Mushroom & Potato Side Dish Recipe

Learn how to make a Roasted Wild Mushroom & Potato Salad! Go to for the ingredi...

Kitchen Riffs: Italian Celery and Mushroom Salad

Pecorino Romano perks up this fresh and healthy delight

Looking for a dish with crisp, sunny flavor—one that can make you forget winter’s gloom? This classic Italian Celery and Mushroom Salad is just the thing.

Mushrooms and celery always play nicely together when dressed with olive oil and lemon juice. But mix in some Pecorino Romano cheese, and...

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Fresh Asian spring roll with glass noodle salad
Dried black mushrooms 10 ea. Chinese chili garlic sauce 1 Tbsp ... Carrots, peeled, finely julienned 1 ea. Celery, finely julienned 2 stalks Red and Yellow Pepper, finely julienned 1 ea. 1. Velvet the chicken: Heat 4 cups of oil in a sauce pot to 275 ...
Celery, lemon and parsley condiment salad
This ''condiment salad'' (part salad, part dressing) is fresh and bright, with a real punch of lemon and warmer tones from the nutty garlic and fennel seeds. It's great with fish, especially when char-grilled on the bone, acting both as a salad and a dressing.
Betty Lee's soba noodle salad
When oil is hot, add the leeks, ginger and shiitake and stir fry till fragrant. Add the baked tofu, celery and carrots and stir fry till heated through, about 1½ - 2 minutes (celery and carrots will be still be crisp). Stir in 1 tsp kosher salt and pinch ...
Quinoa Salad Overhead View with Carrots, Celery, Mushrooms, Tomato and ...
Quinoa Salad Overhead View with Carrots, Celery, Mushrooms, Tomato and ...
... _Autumn_Recipe_Bison_Steak_Celery_Salad_Apples_Almonds_Mushrooms
... _Autumn_Recipe_Bison_Steak_Celery_Salad_Apples_Almonds_Mushrooms