Braised Fennel and Onions With Ginger Ingredients:white wine, fennel bulb, ginger, garlic, turmeric, olive oil, onions, sea salt, shallot, water
Grilled Sausage Patties with Peppers and Onions Ingredients:garlic, green pepper, lettuce, mustard, vegetable oil, onions, pita bread
Pan-Seared Salmon Over Red Cabbage and Onions with Merlot Gastrique Ingredients:cabbage, balsamic vinegar, beef broth, cornstarch, merlot, olive oil, shallot, sugar, water
French Stuffed Red Bell Peppers With Fennel and Goat's Cheese Ingredients:balsamic vinegar, black pepper, fennel bulb, garlic, cheese, olive oil, red onions, red pepper, salt, sun-dried tomato
Farro with Fennel and Carrots Ingredients:black pepper, chicken broth, olive oil, fennel bulb, garlic, olives, carrot, red wine vinegar, salt, water

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Chop Chop Winter - February 3-9 - Uptown Directory

It's almost that time again - time to brave the cold and settle in to cozy comfort and some good eats with friends! Uptown Saint John restaurants and the City Market are inviting you to come out and experience local food prepared by our ultra-talented chefs. Spice up your lunch and dinners, try a chop chop plate and discover the unique tastes uptown truly has to offer. ‘The story about...

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Picnik is the spot in Old Town Pasadena for artisanal sausage and craft beer
The grilled Malaysian sausage topped with pickled red cabbage and sauteed ... Its subtle Southeast Asian flavors are absorbed by a baguette. Runners-up? Lamb-based Merguez sausage with sauerkraut and sauteed onions, Puglisi adds a little extra love in ...
Longing for spring cooking? Grab what you can fresh, and fake the rest
Salads ... shaved fennel and onion, marinated kale, or just seared broccoli. A hint of color can go a long way toward creating the illusion of spring at the table. "Pick out produce at the market that stimulates the eye, whether it's purple cabbage or ...
Grit & Grace, with its Asian-inspired menu, brings a San Francisco concept to Pittsburgh
This food is modeled after dim sum in Chinese restaurants where servers wheel carts ... Vegetarians have several choices, such as the iceberg salad ($6) with fennel and red onion in a ginger miso vinaigrette, or roasted squash and farro salad ($8) with ...
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Photo 03-02-2013 13 09 46
Photo 03-02-2013 13 09 46
Photo 03-02-2013 13 09 46
Kylie Cabbage Bok Choi Fennel Salad
Kylie Cabbage Bok Choi Fennel Salad