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The mouth-breathing, costume-wearing, disability-exploiting audition mobs make me so uncomfortable I can barely watch the first part of the season. Ellen talked about the Idol transition on her show last week. She also landed the cover of another magazine. Ellen, in the past Simon and Ryan have been criticized for their gay-themed banter. Are you going to police this? No one told me that. Let me tell you something: We are the least racist, homophobic show in the world. What we do have, thank God, is a sense of humor.

Jodie Foster marries Ellen DeGeneres’ ex-girlfriend Alexandra Hedison

She loves to get people when they least expect it. As we all know, there is no wrong time to prank or scare someone according to Ellen. Dennis Quaid is here! This is one of the best pranks that she has ever done.

So are Nicki Minaj and Nas dating or what? Fans first started speculating earlier this month after Minaj posted a pic on Instagram of the two of them cuddled up, and now Nicki seems to have pretty much confirmed that they have, in fact, been seeing each other, USA Today reports. “He’s a king, he’s such a king,” Minaj said during a recent visit to The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

This comes after several months of reports indicating that Ellen and Portia are struggling to keep their marriage together. Being her wife is the greatest thing I am. Earlier this summer it was reported that Ellen was spotted with a mystery woman amid divorce reports. Back in April, media outlets also reported that the couple Ellen was urging Portia to attend counseling as a last effort to repair their loveless marriage.

Ellen and Portia are never seen in public together. In fact, the last time they made an appearance as a couple was at the pre-Oscars party in Los Angeles in February. Some believe that Portia feels very frustrated in their relationship. Yet for some reason or another, Ellen wants the world to think that everything is fine in their marriage.

What We Learned From About Fitness Kevin Hart’s Trainer

Actually, the year-old single mother just felt like she needed to do something nice for the soldiers. She noticed the two soldiers taking their time with their menus. They told her that they were furloughed due to the government shutdown and therefore on a tight budget.

Kim Kardashian also played a game with the host Ellen Degeneres, and that had her to name her top three favourite sisters. Now With four sisters, she had to leave one out, she named, Khloe Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner as her favourite.

The journalist made her Today Show debut on Monday, making it clear she was pivoting from politics to human interest pieces. For the past few weeks, NBC’s promotional campaign has touted the Megyn Kelly Today host as a “unifying force” in a [ For the past few weeks, NBC’s promotional campaign has touted the Megyn Kelly Today host as a “unifying force” in a time of social and political divisiveness. But John Oliver is here to remind us about the years before Kelly was trying to be a discount Oprah Winfrey, back when she was a Fox News anchor pushing the network’s divisive agenda.

Ch-ch-check it out below! Sadly, the new, non-political daytime Kelly wasn’t much of an improvement, according to viewers on Twitter. Those who witnessed the debut episode said it left much to be desired — and quite a few viewers made it clear they would much rather tune in to NBC’s Tamron Hall over the former political pundit: If you’re not watching Megyn Kelly’s morning debut right now.

It’s one of the more mortifying things I’ve seen in a while — Richard Lawson rilaws September 25, For the first time in my life I’m figuring out what else is on tv in the morning besides todayshow because of Megyn Kelly. Gallaga omarg September 25, We don’t need another talk show with this Fox News person. That is how she will always be regarding. Sean Hayes is helping out! Plus, Sean shows Ellen just how much he loves the beloved ballet by acting out all of the instruments from the score.

Ellen DeGeneres Bags Tennis Champion Naomi Osaka A Date With Michael B. Jordan

Get more Spoon in your feed. That email doesn’t look right. By adding your email you agree to get updates about Spoon University Healthier Raise your hand and glass if you have ever had an alcohol related injury. My friends and I have had some fairly traumatic alcohol caused incidents: Or so we thought. This is a game changer.

Ellen didn’t let her broken finger stop her from doing the Ellen Show, and she was a complete rockstar. This is possible in real life too. My broken arm friend (who shall remain nameless) continued going out with her arm sling and got some fire Instas out of it.

Ellen’s most uncomfortable on-air moments Getty Images Blake Edwards Ellen DeGeneres is incredibly charming, warm, and funny on her daytime talk show , The Ellen DeGeneres Show, which has been on the air for more than 15 years. Her sweet nature puts her guests at ease, even when she asks them uncomfortable questions about things like their dating lives or whether or not they’re pregnant. It also makes it much easier to forgive her when she scares the daylights out of her guests onstage, backstage and everywhere else she can.

DeGeneres is just so friendly and lovable that even when she’s being a little shady, you can’t help but get behind her. Unfortunately, not even DeGeneres’ quick wit, humor and laid-back demeanor could salvage these awkward moments. From Kanye West’s seemingly endless raving to Jessica Simpson’s incoherent babbling, and from Ryan Seacrest’s bizarre misunderstanding over a bingo marker to a thieving guest and an ungrateful college student, some of these segments are more cringe-worthy than comical.

Jessica Simpson couldn’t stop babbling Singer Jessica Simpson gave an interview with DeGeneres in May that was such a trainwreck, the hostess couldn’t keep a straight face. She began the interview slurring and sounding slightly out of breath, insisting to DeGeneres that she wasn’t pregnant because she had an IUD: She discussed mermaids not being allowed to pee on her children seriously , the definition of “manhandling,” and the duration of her relationship with and marriage to Eric Johnson, which she estimated to be about seven years.

Then Simpson announced that her longest relationship ever has been with a woman, but “not like that. DeGeneres broke the fourth wall several times to give Jim Halpert-style stares at the audience, but ever merciful, she eventually cut to a commercial to put Simpson and the audience out of their respective miseries.

Television presenter Ellen DeGeneres marries lesbian lover Portia de Rossi

The couple just celebrated their year wedding anniversary. More While Hollywood is known for its on-screen love stories, real-life celebrity romances in show business rarely include a happily ever after. Long-lasting love is hard to come by for those in the public eye, but when it happens, it’s something to celebrate.

Ellen DeGeneres for President! OK, the daytime queen isn’t throwing her hat in the ring just yet, but she did decide to mix it up in the political arena. On Tuesday’s Ellen, she mocks the.

The firefighter will reportedly lose his cool when he responds to an emergency. It remains unclear why the officer somehow managed to irk Herrmann. Still, his actions will put him in a difficult position with Boden Eamonn Walker. The chief frowns upon his subordinates who let their temper get the best of them. Elsewhere, Dawson Monica Raymund will be saving a young girl. The situation will become complicated when she discovers that the child’s father is an addict.

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Television personality, comedienne and show host and executive producer Ellen DeGeneres may be able to help. DeGeneres and NBC are producing a new, eight-episode, dating-reality show “First Dates” and the casting call for the East Coast that includes Connecticut has been announced. And the good news is age doesn’t matter. The show is looking for men and women from 18 to 65 and beyond.

Based on a U. According to a promotional release, “a variety of production techniques are used to probe the questions of whether the two are clicking and whether there will be a second date.

A financial adviser drags his family from Chicago to the Missouri Ozarks, where he must launder $ million in five years to appease a drug boss. Watch trailers & learn more.

She also joked that Chelsea Handler never wears anything. She said each episode a man and a woman go on a blind date and at the end of the episode they pick who they have the best connection with. Dating Naked Zip-Lining Accident Ellen then played a clip of two other people meeting, who hugged right away. One couple went zip-lining, and yes, they did it without clothing. Ellen may have been faking tears, but I was cracking up! Ellen showed how the girl who went zip-lining was at the end of the show.

She held up her middle fingers and claimed she hated everything about dating without clothes on. That could have been because she ended up getting a black eye during her zip-lining accident. Wow, that a show! No More Classic Joke Wednesday? Ellen said her writer Nick is really disappointed because he submitted a lot of jokes to her, but he wrote them with a dull pencil so they were pointless.

Alexandra Burke on First Dates

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