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First and foremost, what you have is a nice lighter with vintage class. You didn’t say in what year you acquired it and that would be helpful in determining its age; but, judging from the condition, I’d say take that year as a base and deduct at least 10 years. The patent numbers will definitely help, but I don’t have any references on that. You didn’t ask for an appraisal, but let me say my only concern from a what’s-its-value standpoint is the apparent amount of wear and tear. Also, does it work? It is not Art Deco.

Vintage cigarette lighters on trend for collectors despite downturn in smoking

The cases were made from brass and had a unique lip and flange on the lide and case. The purpose of the lip was to stop premature curling or lifting of the material attached to the lighter. These materials were prone to lift or bubble over the years. To find one without these imperfections is nearly impossible. They had a gold leaf border on the front and back, and script style logo on the base.

Yes, it’s Lamborghini as in the company that makes the cars, which makes this lighter the only Lambo you’ll ever have a chance of affording. Thanks to a sleek carbon-fiber shell, bolted accents, and a rubber push-button igniter, this Bull is classy enough for the upscale cigar smoker but.

By Reuben Robestier Your Zippo isn’t lighting. You strike the flint wheel, but nothing happens. As far as you know, nothing is broken or damaged. Nothing appears to be wrong with this lighter, but there’s a problem. You don’t really want to mail your beloved lighter back to the manufacturer: These simple solutions will help you fix most problems with your Zippo lighter. Unless there’s a larger problem, you should have your lighter working again in just a few moments.

Try these fixes before you contact Zippo. First, make sure that the Zippo has enough lighter fluid. Even if you just added some a few days ago, it’s worth checking again. This is particularly important if you’ve left your Zippo alone for a few weeks or longer. The lighter fluid evaporates even when you aren’t using the lighter.

Wedgwood Marks

Choosing the right antique brass, whether for personal use or as a gift, can be a daunting task. With thousands of pieces to choose from, understanding the origin and terminology related to different kinds of antique brass is essential in making the right decision. While individual pieces and manufacturers should be researched and evaluated for things like rarity and investment value, this guide is designed to give buyers a better idea of what is available and how to choose the best piece at the best price.

That way, the buyer can get the most for his or her money. What Is Antique Brass? Traditionally, an item is considered to be an antique one hundred years after it was made.

Vintage zippo slim model zippo lighters command a quick note on its value. como se dice dating site en espanol the. From through potential victims, regular lighters gladsome and .

Blaisdell had date codes imprinted on the bottom of the lighter cases. These codes provided him with the date of manufacture, should a defect be found, allowing him to maintain records of repairs. Fortunately, those date codes are a tremendous help today in the ability of collectors to correctly identify the year any given Zippo lighter was made. Inserts can also be dated by their material, number of holes in the chimney, flint wheel style, cam style and markings.

Pending was stamped from until the end of , when it was replaced with Pat. Date codes appeared as early as , and the dating system was fully in effect by Before , dating Zippo lighters can be a bit tricky, as the exact placement of the words must be taken into consideration. Again, placement of the wording, the material the case is made of and the number of barrels on the hinge play key factors in dating earlier Zippo lighters. In , the dot and slash date code methods were replaced with Roman numerals representing the year and letters of the alphabet representing the month of production.

In , the last two digits of the year were used along with the same letters for the months, and that system continues today. Slim Zippo lighters were introduced in and had no date code on the bottom of the lighter. Slims were first marked in From through , slims had different bottom date codes than did regular size Zippo lighters. Beginning in , the same markings were used on both the slim and regular.

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The mini fire extinguisher lighter is a cool twist on the tried and true fire extinguisher. Made from solid metal, the mini fire extinguisher lighter is refillable and has an adjustable flame and makes a great stocking stuffer gift idea for pyromaniacs.

Several theories exist as to why the lighters are called Nimrod. One is that the biblical Nimrod was a mighty hunter, and the Nimrod lighters were windproof and could be used outdoors. There is no conclusive evidence supporting either theory. Historical overview Ashley F. Over the years, the company had changed it’s name on various occasions, and presumably involving company reorganization.

Several of it’s incarnations included Ward Manufacturing Co. Perhaps taking inspiration from their screw products, the Pipe Lighter began life resembling a nut in the middle of a bolt. It was unlike any lighter actually being manufactured at that time, although Ward’s patent annotates several other patent applications for lighters with a tube-like shape. Lighting required that the user place their thumb on the strike wheel, and pull the two halves apart. The lighter was designed to stop at a maximum extension to prevent the lighter from coming completely apart.

One more step

Dating Your Zippo Lighter Companies around the world continue to use Zippo lighters as an advertising and promotional tool.. There is a law stating you cant sell cigarette paraphernalia tominors, and lighters dont fall under that category, but shops willnot normally sell them to minors. Added in the past month: Case and Sons Cutlery Company. Times are tough, but we have to make the most from it and take each day as it comes..

This vintage Dunhill lighter is reminiscent of the glamorous mid-century. Dunhill was one of the leading lighter manufactures in the 20th century and continues to produce beautiful items today. This example is gold-plated and is complete with the appropriate hallmarks.

This piece looks Persian—and it is. This piece was clearly made in the 20th century. The bumpy feel on the base of this porcelain vase is called “orange peel” and is indicative of late 18th-century Chinese export porcelain. The blue on this glaze indicates it was made in Japan. We’ve all seen white and blue porcelain before—maybe while strolling around a Chinatown chatchka shop, a first-rate art museum, in Macy’s decorative wares department, or even at a neighborhood yard sale.

Called under-glazed blue-and-white porcelain, it has been made for a thousand years in China and for hundreds of years in other parts of the world, including Holland, England and the Middle East. Lark Mason offers his tips on collecting blue-and-white porcelain But can you teach yourself how to navigate such a vast field of porcelain with confidence that you aren’t making too many mistakes—or worse yet, getting duped? We asked that question of Lark Mason , an expert in Asian art at igavel.

I’ll put all those things together to place it to a particular culture, manufacturer, and a time in history. From that, I’m able to come up with whether an item is what it’s supposed to be and how much it’s worth. Shape It Up Lark says that one of the easiest ways to begin evaluating blue-and-white porcelain is to evaluate an object’s shape, which pins a piece to a particular place.

In the late 17th and early 18th centuries, spherical teapots were very popular in the West. If you find a spherical teapot that a seller claims has been made in, say, the late 16th century, be suspicious. Differentiate the Design The designs painted on a piece—whether it’s decorated with mythological scenes, or animals, landscapes, or abstract designs—can also tell you about the where and when of a particular porcelain piece.

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The majority of antique tinder pistols, are rather difficult to identify by country, or, to accurately date. Though not a super rare item they are somewhat scarce, probably due to their not being traded as often as firearms. There seems to be many of the later box lock types which bear signatures and sometimes dates.

From what I can surmise, there is very little published in the way of photographs or written material so one is really speculating that many were just copied one from the other with subtle variations mostly due to the knowledge or whims of the individual craftsman. Unlike firearms, I believe most tinder lighters were made not by gunsmiths, but semi professional craftsman. Their influences often leaned more toward domestic artifacts and even furniture.

I’m having trouble accurately dating this lighter because of extra marks that don’t quite tally with Zippo’s website. I estimate that the stamping, ‘Zippo’ logo and date code stamped into bottom of lighter are consistent with either or issue.

Company history[ edit ] Zippo plant, c. Blaisdell founded Zippo Manufacturing Company in , and produced the first Zippo lighter in early , being inspired by an Austrian cigarette lighter of similar design made by IMCO. While the Zippo Manufacturing Company never had an official contract with the military, soldiers and armed forces personnel insisted that base exchange BX and post exchange PX stores carry this sought-after lighter.

These lighters are now sought after collector’s items and popular souvenirs for visitors to Vietnam. The basic mechanism of the Zippo lighter has remained unchanged, but they developed into a popular fashion accessory, with a huge variety of artistic designs produced. These lighters are fueled with butane. The museum also contains an enormous collection of Case knives.

Vintage Colibri Lighter and Newport Butane

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