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It is lever set but with the lever in the o’clock position. The jewels are pressed in. According to the serial number , this watch was made in The online serial number tables call it a model , but “the book” calls it a model and I haven’t sorted out the difference. Has a gold center wheel and screws on balance look like gold. This is a model , made in

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In this interview Barry S. Goldberg gives advice on collecting antique American made pocket watches. Barry is based in Melrose, Massachusetts, and his site is a member of our Hall of Fame. I happened to find one at an antique flea market.

This is a Waltham Rolled Gold Full Hunter Pocket Watch 17 Jewels English make guaranteed to be made of 2 Plates of 10 Carat gold with with a plate in between to wear for 20 years. no. In a Dennison Case In good working order.

The stages in how this community came about were gradual transformations: Agriculture and London have always been crucially important. Occasionally, ancient objects come out of the gravel pits. These include stone age tools, roman wine jugs and various other things. How they got there we are not quite sure: However, people did live permanently in Upminster before the Roman invasions. These people called “ancient Britons”, “Celts”, or “Belgae” because of similar pottery in Flanders were farmers.

In southern Upminster, we can still see the landscape that they created. A glance at the Ordnance Survey map shows how the field and road boundaries in the south, and alongside the Ingrebourne, are mostly rectilinear. In the north it is quite different:

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For questions about pocket watches, contact: Although time keeping mechanisms have been around for thousands of years, the first mobile clocks did not appear until the s. Until that time, a clock’s mechanism was so large, heavy and ponderous, few people considered the possibility of a portable clock. Most clocks were huge and resided in churches or cathedrals.

Waltham pocket watch, 18 size, 17 jewel, silverode Case. This watch has a train on the back of the case. This watch is Circa , pendant wind and pendant set.

Renaissance Turret Clock, German, circa Spring driven Matthew Norman carriage clock with winding key Clockmakers developed their art in various ways. Building smaller clocks was a technical challenge, as was improving accuracy and reliability. Clocks could be impressive showpieces to demonstrate skilled craftsmanship, or less expensive, mass-produced items for domestic use. The escapement in particular was an important factor affecting the clock’s accuracy, so many different mechanisms were tried.

Spring-driven clocks appeared during the 15th century, [25] [26] [27] although they are often erroneously credited to Nuremberg watchmaker Peter Henlein or Henle, or Hele around This resulted in the invention of the stackfreed and the fusee in the 15th century, and many other innovations, down to the invention of the modern going barrel in Early clock dials did not indicate minutes and seconds.

A clock with a dial indicating minutes was illustrated in a manuscript by Paulus Almanus, [31] and some 15th-century clocks in Germany indicated minutes and seconds.

Antique Pocket Watches

It is a small selection of often unidentified old movements that I have been able to positively identify. I don’t intend to show movements with their makers names on them, because they are already identified. The idea of this page is to try to identify otherwise unknown movements found in the type of watches that I collect, which are principally Great War era men’s wristwatches with 12 or 13 ligne movements. It is often difficult to identify movements from the shape of the top plates or bridges alone.

Although some movements such as the IWC calibre 64 leap out to the experienced eye, other are less easy because of similarities between the products of different manufactures, and manufacturers altering bridge shapes for different customers. In fact, the apparently huge variety of Swiss watches is explained by this phenomenon:

According to the Waltham database, your watch is a model , grade 84, jewel, open face pocket watch, size 18 (men’s watch), unadjusted, with a Breguet spring balance. The manufacture date is.

This was from a paper handed to me by a colleague who discovered it by chance several years ago. No author I’m afraid, but it is a fascinating read. In the attention of a number of public spirited citizens and capitalists of Springfield was called to the great advantage which would result to the city from the establishment and conduct of manufacturing industries. Even in those days men who were what we now term promoters were keenly active in various lines, and one of the pioneers in this profession was Mr.

He came to Springfield in and pointed out the benefits to the city, and the very possible and probable profits to be secured for the stockholders, of a company organised for the manufacture of watch movements. Attention was directed to the benefits which would come to the city in the establishment of an industry in which the chief expense of production was the high wages paid to skilled labor and in the bringing to the city of a large number of skilled mechanics and their families.

Stuart as President, W. Black, and the President and Secretary. After accomplishing these preliminary steps Mr. Adams visited Elgin , and engaged Otis Hoyt to take charge of the train room, W. Dean as die maker, C. Mason for the escapement department, D. Currier for model maker and finishing room, and George White as pattern maker.

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Their revolutionary business plan was to manufacture the movement parts of watches so precisely that they would become fully interchangeable. Based upon the experience of earlier failed trials, Howard and Dennison eventually perfected and patented their precision watch making machines, creating what has been called the American System of Watch Manufacturing. American Horologe Company Warren Manufacturing Company [ edit ] The original name of the company, which began operations in , is unclear.

A silver cased key wind pocket watch with Roman numeral dial and subsidiary dial together with a Waltham pocket watch with black face and Arabic dial, stamped with a broad arrow to its back, hands bent and glass loose on silver cased watch, only Waltham currently running in the saleroom.

Waltham Pocket Watches for Sale If you are looking to purchase a watch from this manufacturer then there are a number of places where you will be able to find them. I always find the best place to be physical auction rooms in remote places. Here you can usually avoid avid collectors who will always push the price up. If you are lucky enough to do that then you can sneak under the radar and pick these up for a low price.

There is of course always eBay who sell a lot of these watches but you do need to exercise great care as I have seen quite a number of suspect Waltham watches on there. Personally I would only buy one here if there was some proof of authentication. Amazon also do a selection of watches and there are a few other random sites that also sell these which you can find by doing a simple search around the Internet.

Always be wary before parting with any money and I would never do this unless there is some type of proof of authentication.

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Poljot chronograph Casio AE12 LCA liquid-crystal-analog watch Traditionally, watches have displayed the time in analog form, with a numbered dial upon which are mounted at least a rotating hour hand and a longer, rotating minute hand. Many watches also incorporate a third hand that shows the current second of the current minute. Watches powered by quartz usually have a second hand that snaps every second to the next marker.

Very old Waltham pocket watch. 18 size, Model , “Appleton, Tracy & Co.” Key wind and key set. 15 sapphire jewels. The watch is encased in a beautiful and very heavy solid 18 karat gold hunter case with wonderful engine turning on the front and back.

The enduring appeal of this clock is in its magnificent presentation. The entire presentation weighs an astounding 17 pounds and measures 10 inches in diameter overall by 4 inches deep. It is in excellent running condition and is a good time keeper, striking the ships bell sequence properly with a clear sonorous tone. It is in excellent, virtually perfect cosmetic condition, after 45 years! Complete with original Chelsea-marked brass winding key.

One of the finest early aneroid barometers we have had the pleasure of offering. This handsome 3rd quarter 19th century example has a large open face dial of classic proportions. This lovely example has not one but two thermometers! On the left is a curved red alcohol thermometer with double scales. This instrument is housed in its highly polished bronze case with original lacquer finish.

A large pivoting suspension loop is provided for hanging and a small set screw is on the back for adjusting the reading. The suspension loop extends above the top of the barometer an additional inch.

Waltham Hunter Gold Pocket Watch 1912

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